Snow Day Memory Matching Game

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Wondering what to do when everyone is stuck at home? This free Snow Day Memory Matching Game can be downloaded immediately and you can start playing in just minutes.

The game comes with 36 unique game cards and allows you to create a game as simple or as complex as you’d like.

top image - swing with snow on it, bottom image - 3 blue and grey snow day matching game boards with title text reading Snow Day Memory Matching Game 36 unique cards

While the kids may be thrilled with a snow day at home, they can easily get restless and bored. Keep them occupied, learning and happy with a snow day game that works for children ages three and up.

Playing a game is always fun and smart parents, grandparents and babysitters find a way to encourage learning while also having fun.

What are the benefits of memory games?

  • Improving concentration
  • Developing visual recognition and memory
  • Develops spatial understanding and memory
  • Developing the skill of paying attention to details
  • Increasing short-term memory
  • Developing the skill of distinguishing similarities and differences in images or objects
  • Developing patience and turn-taking skills
  • Building social skills
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills in reaching for and then turning over game cards
close up of snowflake

Snow Day Memory Matching Game

The game cards contain snow day related images.

  • snowman – 3 different designs
  • snowflake – 3 different designs
  • ice skate
  • scarf – 2 different designs
  • mittens
  • children sledding
  • snow boots – 2 different styles
  • winter landscape – 2 styles
  • colorful cookies
  • pillow
  • colorful books
  • child throwing snowball
  • mittens
  • winter hat – 3 different styles
  • house covered in snow
  • snow globe
  • thermometer
  • snow covered tree
  • igloo
  • ear muffs
  • mug of cocoa – 2 different styles
  • child holding snowball
  • cherry pie
  • pair of socks
  • snow shovel
  • red sled
close up of 10 colorful snow day matching game boards

How to Print the Snow Day Matching Game

You can download and print this snow day game immediately. It will take you less than 5 minutes to print and set up your first round of the game.

  • To download your copy of the Snow Day Memory Matching Game, simply sign up for our free newsletter.
  • You can choose to either immediately print the game cards or
  • You can can save the document to your computer and then print the cards
  • You can print the printable snow day memory matching game on regular computer day, but I recommend you use heavier card stock paper. Heavier paper will create game cards that will last for a longer time through more rounds of games.
Snow Day Memory Matching Game
Free printable game pages
Featured Image

How to Play the Memory Matching Game

  • There are two copies of each card set. This allows you to play a game with as many cards as you’d like. You can play with 8 cards (4 pairs) or as many as 72 cards (36 pairs). You can also choose levels of play in between. It’s your choice.
    • In deciding how many cards to play with, consider the children’s ages and abilities.
    • Also consider how much time you have for the game.
  • Be sure that you print out two of each card set so that you have pairs to search for in your game.
  • Cut the cards out.
blue and white house covered with snow
  • Shuffle the cards and then lay them out in a grid pattern with the images face down.
    • One unique page of game cards (two total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 6 by 4.
    • Two unique pages of game cards (four total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 8 by 6.
    • Three unique pages of game cards (six total sheets) should be laid out in a grid of 9 by 8.
  • One player starts, usually the youngest, and turns two cards over. If the cards match, the player removes the matching cards. If the cards don’t match, the player turns them back over so the images are facing down.
  • Players take turns looking for matches by turning two cards over.
  • The winner is the player with the most pairs.
top image - house with snow falling, bottom image - 3 colorful snow day memory matching game sheets with title text reading Snow Day Memory Matching Game 36 unique cards

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Don’t forget to pin this free Snow Day Memory Matching Game printable so that you can find it every winter and every single snow day.

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