Organizing a Craft Room with Labels

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I spent several weeks organizing my craft room recently. It’s amazing how quickly a room can go down the organizing hill when life gets in the way. I needed to create an organized space so that I could have the clean, calm space to be creative. A key part of getting the creative chaos tamed was organizing my craft room with labels so I could put all those craft supplies away neatly and then find them again when I need them. There are many easy labeling options for the craft room.

collage of organized craft room and organizing bins with title text reading Organizing a Craft Room with Labels

Craft Room Organizing with Labels

Classic Book Plate Style Labels

close up of labels on white drawers

This set of drawers had no labels at all. It was ridiculously easy to add these adhesive book plate style label holders. They really ramp up the classy factor of these plain drawers. I created the labels with washi tape and added simple labels made with my label maker. The labels are short and to the point because there wasn’t enough space to add long descriptive labels. The short, one-word descriptions have grown on me. I like their visual simplicity.

White Drawer Set (similar)Martha Stewart Adhesive Bookplates, Washi Tape, Label Maker

Purchase Generic or Personalized Labels

close up of labels on organizing bins

Sometimes purchasing pretty, professionally made labels make sense. You can find companies that will make labels for you with whatever text you choose, so you can truly personalize your craft room labeling and organizing.

Scrapbook Paper Holder (similar), Repurposed Box Magazine Holder Tutorial

Wood Label Holders

2 light blue boxes with colorful labels saying "washi tape" and "current projects"

But you know me, I enjoy crafting and making my own labels, too. I used wood shapes from my local craft store to create these big impact labels. It took just a few minutes to add some craft paint and then labels with either a label maker or a paint pen.

DIY Craft Room Organizing Tutorial, Wood Shapes, Label Maker, Paint Pen, Wrapping Paper (similar)

Dry Erase Bins

shelves with neatly organized purple trays, jars and striped buckets

Dry Erase Bins makes it super easy to label; unless you have terrible handwriting and it takes many, many times rewriting the labels (ask me how I know). I added washi tape to the top of the bins to coordinate with the labels on my white desk drawers. Dry erase bins are great for changing organizing needs because you simply wipe the label off and write a new label. Easy peasy. 

Dry Erase Storage Bins (similar), Easy Upcycled Bucket Tutorial 

Handwritten Labels

stacked boxes with labels and magazine holders with labels

Sometimes handwritten labels are the perfect solution. I always have a stash of simple white labels and colored markers available for quick label making.  It’s charming to see handwritten labels. Don’t let the excuse of terrible handwriting keep you from making your own handwritten labels (I obviously didn’t). Everyone’s handwriting is charming to their family and friends because it’s part of your unique expression.

Document Storage Box, Photo Storage Box, White Cardboard Magazine Holder, Clear Magazine Holder, Simple White Labels

No Labels

desk by window with utensil caddy and tower organizer of papers

Sometimes you just don’t need a label. When you can clearly see the items, adding a label is just visual clutter. I don’t need a label for my craft vinyl tower (a repurposed wine rack) or my pens, pencils and scissors. You gotta know when to label ’em and know when to hold ’em.

Craft Caddy (similar), Wine Rack, Craft Vinyl

What are your favorite labeling techniques? Now that I’ve organized my craft room with labels, I feel the need to run to my craft room and start crafting. It’s amazing how inspiring a clean, organized space is.

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  1. Susan, I love your crafting space. So much natural light and so many wonderful organization ideas. I have to admit, my space for crafting and sewing is not so nice! You have inspired me to start labeling and get more organized.

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