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Washi Tape Organizing That’s Free

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Washi tape is a magic craft product and one of my two most favorite craft products (can you guess the other?). Washi tape is easy to use, inexpensive and comes in hundreds of designs. It’s such a quick way to dress up organizing and craft projects. And it comes in so many beautiful designs (that I just must have). I recently took the time to organize my craft room.  I kinda sorta had my washi tape organized, but realized that I wanted to do a better job of organizing of all my craft supplies. Simply repurposing an item gave me washi tape organizing that’s free and works perfectly in organizing my craft room.

 2 trays of neatly organized colorful rolls of washi tape on white wood table with a few rolls laying on the table

Washi tape is my personal excess challenge. I could bring every single different roll of washi tape home and be a happy crafting woman. Fortunately, my decluttering and organizing side usually intervenes, but I still have quite a few rolls of washi tape. Previously, I threw them all in my easy upcycled sweater box and called it organized. Not the best washi tape organizing technique. 

rolls of washi tape piled messily in green box

It worked, but in the process of organizing my craft room, I realized that I wanted an even better organized washi tape solution.

Washi Tape Organizing That’s Free

I always stop and examine any item I’m about to throw into the recycle bin. I relish the challenge of repurposing items for organizing and crafting. Recently I was about to throw a store bought cookie tray into the recycling bin when I had a light bulb moment. Bing.

empty plastic cookie tray on table with rolls of washi tape behind

See how those little troughs designed to hold the cookies look like they might hold a roll of washi tape? I almost ran to my craft room to see if the tray would work for washi tape organizing.

close up of rolls of colorful washi tape lined up in tray

Are you as ridiculously happy as I am that the cookie tray perfectly holds the washi tape rolls?!

2 trays of neatly organized colorful washi tape on white wood table

A few weeks later (really, we don’t eat that many cookies!), I found that a different style of cookie tray that had three long troughs, not the individual cookie spots, also works perfectly for holding washi tape. This second cookie tray holds the wider rolls better. Yes, you now have a certifiable reason to run to the store to buy cookies. You’re welcome. 

side view and overhead view of green sweater box with organized washi tape

I can now place my washi tape organization trays in my upcycled sweater box and place the larger rolls on the sides. Look how beautifully organized the washi tape is. And it didn’t cost me a penny. Can you see my huge smile? (Wait, I don’t have any cookies in my teeth, do I?)

Using my new trick for washi tape organizing that’s free means I have more money to spend on more washi tape. That’s how it works, right?

My organized washi tape box fits perfectly on shelf and is easy to carry to my craft table when I need it. 

boxes and bins neatly organized on white book case

So who else is the mood for some cookies and washi tape organizing?

tray of neatly organized colorful washi tape on white wood table

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  1. I love the cookie tray idea. It’s all about having that eye to match containers with items. I use a different kind of cookie tray for very shallow drawers. It is perfect for eye pencils and other makeup items. Love this!

    1. You know how I live for repurposing items. 🙂 I use cookie trays to organize drawers, too, Seana. Great minds think alike when it comes to organizing and excuses to eat cookies.

  2. This is a great idea, and it made me laugh too! I don’t usually think about reusing our food containers, but now I’ll have to think about it before I throw them away.

    1. I go between laughing at myself because so many of my drawers are organized with repurposed food packaging and squealing over the next food packaging item I’ve found to repurpose. 🙂 It’s a great way to save money and to try out an organizing system before you invest in purchased organizing trays and bins, Brenda.

  3. Susan, you are seriously the Queen of organizing. The cookie trays are perfect for your Washi tape. I think you need to eat more cookies! I bet you could easily fill the little spots with more Washi tape.

  4. Oh I love this idea!! How fantastic!! My boys will thank you that I am now going to be buying store bought cookies for a bit.

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