Top Kitchen Organizing Ideas from 2015

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Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. An organized kitchen makes your life much easier and reduces stress. I believe that organizing should be easy to do and cost very little. Here are my top kitchen organizing ideas from the past year. 

neatly organized containers on refrigerator shelves

You can organize your refrigerator for no cost with these 5 Free Tips for an Organized Refrigerator. 

disinfecting wipes container with yellow lid and decorated with blue paper next to kitchen sink

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized can be pretty with this easy Decorated Clorox Wipes DIY. 

white wire baskets with colorful water bottles and lunch bags

Organization can be earth friendly with these 7 Tips for an Organized Lunchbox Drawer. 

neatly organized shelves of pantry cabinet

Organizing your pantry can be done in a couple of hours using these simple Tips for an Organized Pantry. 

Organized spices save you time and money. Use these 4 Tips to Organize Spices to get organized now. 

kitchen cabinet with 2 level white lazy Susan with spices and bottles next to it
neatly organized 2-level lazy Susan in a corner kitchen cabinet

Check out how to reorganize a kitchen in an afternoon. 

Be sure to join me in January for 31 Days of 10-Minute Purging Tips. Everyday in January I’ll cover a different organizing challenge. We’ll walk through tips for purging in each of these different areas. The best part? Each day we’ll only spend 10 minutes purging. All you have to do is commit to 10 minutes a day and at the end of the month, you’ll have tackled 31 different purging tasks and spent a total of 5 hours accomplishing it. 

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