Repurposed Box for Repurposed Gift Tags

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It makes me doubly happy when I can repurpose 2 items into a crafty gift.
 A collage of 4 images showing the steps needed to make a Repurposed box for Repurposed Gift Tags
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Last year I showed you how I repurpose Christmas cards and turn then into adorable gift tags {here}.

gift tags made from Christmas cards
I love giving these gift tags as gifts and want to give them in a cute package.  Of course, I want repurposed cute packaging!
a Tridents layers gum box

I started with a box that was the right size. You can ask at your local store for an empty candy display box. They’re happy to give them to you rather than just throw them away.

Don’t worry about the yucky globs of glue on the inside of the box, the decorative paper will cover that.
showing how to wrap a box with decorative paper
Cut decorative paper to cover the outside and inside of the box.  I just eyeball the paper, no measuring required.  Cut squares out of the 4 corners to reduce the bulk when you attach the paper to the box.
showing how to attach decorative paper to a box
Using a tape gun or double stick tape attach the decorative paper to the box.
a box wrapped with decorative paper
Super quick and easy.  I recommend you cut the paper a little longer than I did on this box so that it covers the inside of the box better.  And see, the yucky glue is covered by the paper.
a repurposed decorative box holding gift tags made from Christmas cards, wrapped with a ribbon
You can put the gift tags inside a cellophane bag (repurposed, of course) so the tags won’t fall out of the box.  This box was going into a larger gift basket, so it was fine this way.
Double recycled project = cute and extra earth-friendly gifts.
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  1. I love all of your ideas for repurposing items to make creative gift packaging! Not only do these make each gift unique, it reduces waste and they’re fun to make.

  2. How smart to make a decorative box for the gift tags. I usually end up throwing them in a plastic bag. This is cuter and neater!

  3. It is always inspiring to see what you come up with to repurpose all the packaging we all have in our homes.

    Many Thanks!

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