Winter Fruit Salad Recipe

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I don’t know which is busier for my family, the holiday season or everyday winter family life.  With 5 family members, school, activities, work, blogging and well, just life, we’re super, supper busy. 

pot pie with fork on white plate on table set with other plates with pot pies

Our family is committed to eating dinner together as a family every night.  So, despite feeling harried and drained by busy winter nights, I plan ahead so that we can have a hearty, tasty meal no matter how hectic my day has been.  Marie Callender’s pot pies and my easy winter fruit salad has become my go-to meal for busy family meals.  Because I can’t not plan, I always make sure that I have the 5 ingredients I need on-hand so that I’m always ready for a hectic day’s dinner.

It seems that I’m always running by Walmart while out running errands, so I make sure I pick up everything I need to have on-hand for my go-to busy night meal:

Marie Callender’s Pot Pies

1 Can of Pineapple Chunks

1 Can of Mandarin Oranges

1 Jar of Maraschino Cherries

Small bag of Flake Coconut  

Marie Callender’s pot pies are great for my family of 5 since there are so many different flavors and sizes to choose from.  I’m able to get a flavor to please everyone, including my daughter that doesn’t like chicken (and any mom can tell you that making everyone happy with the meal choice is quite an accomplishment!).  I appreciate that I can also get the pot pies in 10 oz or 16 oz size.  That makes it easier for me to please the different appetite sizes in my family.

metal bowl with different kinds of fruit and white spoon with boxes of pot pies in background

But as happy as I am with the flavors and sizes of Marie Callender’s pot pies, I’m just as thrilled that Marie Callender’s supports our troops. You can learn more about Marie Callender’s  products and how they support our troops in supporting the USO by visiting their website.

4 pot pies with crusts covered by foil on baking sheet

Another of my busy mom secrets is to be sure to cover the edges of your pot pie with foil.  This way the edges of the crust cook to a perfect golden flaky crust and don’t end up too crunchy (umm, burnt).

small bowls of fruit salad and coconut

While the pot pies are cooking, whip up the easy winter fruit salad.  Drain the can of pineapple, mandarin oranges and maraschino cherries.  Simply mix them together in a bowl.  The recipe calls for adding flake coconut, but since not everyone in my family likes coconut, I just place a small bowl of coconut on the table and let each person add their own coconut (or not).

table set with plates, blue and white napkins, forks and pot pies

Making the salad takes about 4 minutes, so I now have 35-55 minutes (depending on the size of pot pie and cooking time) to help with homework, pay bills, clean the house, do laundry, watch soap operas and eat bon bons (ha ha ha).  I can get all that accomplish and still get a hearty, delicious meal on the dinner table so that my family can sit down and spend time together. Oh, and I can do all  that at the end of another long, busy day.

fork in partially eaten pot pie on white plate

My family likes to discuss each of our days and happenings over dinner.  It’s the perfect time to catch up on what’s going on with 5 very, very busy people.  As a parent educator, I know that research has shown that families that consistently eat dinner together have children that do better in school, have higher self-esteem, lower rates of obesity and lower rates of substance abuse issues.

overhead view of close up of pot pie

Being able to catch up with each other while eating a family favorite fruit salad and a satisfying meal filled with delicious chunks meat and vegetables makes us all happy.   And this busy mama is thrilled that I’m able to make everyone happy and connected at the end of my hectic day.

What’s your go-to busy night meal?

close up of pot pie on white plate with drinking glass and small bowl of fruit salad

You can find more great recipes for your busy family meals at and be sure to follow Marie Callender’s on Facebook.

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  1. My teenaged son loves these pot pies. Since he often misses family dinner because of sporting events, these are a great, hearty alternative to a sandwich or snack foods. I love the idea of winter fruit salad as a side to chicken pot pie. I always struggle with what to serve with it. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. YUM! I love coconut ad put it almost everything! Fruit salad is the perfect side to these hearty pot pies! I need one now, because I am hungry and FREEZING! #client

  3. I love Marie Callender’s Pot Pies – they are the best. The fruit salad is a very nice side dish. I will give that a try next pot pie dinner we have.

  4. Growing up I loved those little prepackaged fruit cups in my lunchbox and it seriously made my day when I had more than one cherry. Now I can make my own grown up version with all the cherries I want. #client

  5. we love Maria’s pot pies they are delicious. I love making these on cool nights so i can have the oven on for heat.

  6. I never knew Marie Callender’s supported our troops this way. That is the cherry on top for buying these so to speak. And I received a very similar fruit salad recipe from my grandmother in law that the kids love. She also adds banana slices to hers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adding bananas to the salad sounds delicious. And I’m with you, Ellen, about any company that supports our troops, especially Marie Callender’s.

  7. I love Marie Callender’s pot pies – they are the only kind I buy. Knowing they support our armed services is just a bonus. I love that fruit salad – nice addition!

  8. I love Marie Callender’s. Those pot pies look delicious, and the coconut just took that fruit salad to a whole new level!

  9. I just told my husband I wanted to try a pot pie. I’ve never eaten one. These look delish.

  10. My husband loves pot pie after he’s worked hard all day. I’ve not tried one premade, but Marie Calender is trusted for quality, so I might give one a go.

  11. We LOVE Marie Calender’s. Her pies are amazing – the crust is my favorite part. I love that you can microwave them or cook them in the oven as well. Great idea to pair them with a fruit salad!

  12. I love Marie Calender’s pot pies! They are the best and the only brand I will have in my house! Your fruit salad sound pretty delicious too!

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