DIY Dividers for Happy Planners

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I am a planner. I plan for everything (only a slight exaggeration).  As the busy mom of three, using a planner and a bullet journal keeps me focused, organized and sane. I’ve made DIY dividers to further organize my Happy Planner. I love making these one-of-a-kind DIY dividers with tabs for my Happy Planner. They’re so easy to make and cost just pennies (like $.17 each). Really.

3 colorful top tab planner dividers with a Happy Planner, pen and paper clips.

If you’re going to invest the money and effort into using a Happy Planner or any planner, it’s important to keep it organized so that’s you get the maximum benefit from it. Some of my favorite ways to organize my Happy Planner are:

DIY Dividers for Happy Planners

Supplies to Make Your Own DIY Dividers

3 colorful file folders next to 3 top tab planner dividers from the same patterns.
  • Decorative Folders – I found mine at Target, 9 for $3. I could get at least two from each folder, so that makes each divider just $.17 each. And that leaves you enough folder to make several more half-sized dividers, which further lowers the cost.
  • The DIY Divider template that I made. You can download your own copy to use.
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Crop-a-dile or Small Hole Punch – Used to punch the holes or you can use the Happy Planner Punch.
  • Happy Planner Punch – Optional, but very nice to have
3 top tab dividers in Happy Planner with paperclips and pen nearby.

Look how pretty these tabs are! They make it easy to keep my notes organized and accessible.

DIY Dividers Tutorial

Print out your copy of the DIY Dividers Template. Use it to cut dividers out of your folders.

  • There are two divider styles in the template. To create the third divider, simply flip the first one over so that the tab in on the far left (and remember to punch the holes on the opposite side). 
  • My folders already came with labels, like the Future Plans below. Consider where to place your template based on the design of your folders.
tabbed divider cut from file folder with red scissors nearby.

If you have a Happy Planner Punch, punch holes on the side of each divider (take time to check which side the holes go on for your third divider). If you don’t have a Happy Planner or arc disc punch follow these steps:

collage of 3 images of the steps to make your own DIY planner dividers.
  1. Take a piece of paper from your Happy Planner for the placement of your holes.
  2. Use a pen to mark a dot in the center of each D-shaped hole in the paper.
  3. Use the Crop-a-dial or small hole punch to punch out the dots you made. Then Take scissors and cut a slit from the edge of the divider to the holes you punched. 
stack of 3 tabbed dividers with planner, sheet of stickers and pen in the background.

And that just took you about 5, maybe 10 minutes if your printer gave you trouble. Are you as proud as I am of these lovely Happy Planner dividers?

More Happy Planner and Planner Ideas:

I won’t keep you any longer. I know you’re anxious to get started making your own DIY Dividers for your Happy Planner!

different journal products from The Happy Planner nestled on brown blanket.

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  1. Those are really pretty folders you found to use for your dividers! They’re also a great price. The tabs do look really nice in your planner. Looking at them, would make my happy!

    1. From one paper planner girl to another, pretty DIY dividers will make you smile every time you open up your planner. 🙂

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