Plumeria Flower Paper Craft

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You can make this beautiful plumeria flower paper craft to be used in a multitude of different projects and decorations. This tutorial includes a free template and an easy step-by-step tutorial with detailed photos.

It’s the perfect craft to use up those paper strips and scraps you have laying around. It’s an easy craft for children to make and a great flower craft for adults, too.

3 paper plumeria flowers with leaves on green background with title text reading Flower Paper Craft Plumeria

I grew up in Hawai’i with plumeria trees on almost every corner. They’re a popular tropical flower in the Islands and one of my favorite flowers. We used to walk to our local post office, pick plumeria flowers and make our own plumeria flower leis. Now that I don’t have a plumeria tree just down the street, I enjoy making these DIY paper plumeria flowers and using them for my own crafts.

Ideas for Using This Plumeria Flower Paper Craft

These beautiful flowers can be added to a wide variety of DIY projects.

  • They’re a great way to decorate for a Hawaiian or luau themed party
    • On invitations
    • As a party activity
    • As table decorations
    • As banner decorations
    • Attach to wood picks to decorate a cake or cupcakes
    • Use them to create a tropical photo backdrop
    • On thank you cards
    • Attach them to a head band to make a Hawaiian flower headband or lei po’o (head lei)
  • Add to handmade greeting cards
    • Mother’s Day card
    • Wedding card
    • Get Well card
    • Thinking of You card
  • Attach to a bobby pin to create a flower hair clip
  • Decorate a journal cover
  • Create a table centerpiece for a party

Plumeria Flower Meaning

The plumeria flower evokes simple happiness and positivity. It is also known as frangipani flowers. The plumeria flower represents creation, birth, new life and new starts. Plumeria flowers are a popular flower in Hawai’i, treasured for their simple beauty and sweet fragrance. They’re worn in hula, in more casual leis and worn singularly or in groupings in the hair.

Plumeria Flower Paper Craft

If you are as charmed by the plumeria flower as I am, you’ll love making these paper plumeria flowers and finding ways to share them.

This paper flower tutorial is easy enough for young children and engaging enough for older kids to make. The youngest kids may need a bit of help gluing the small pieces of craft paper together.

What you need to make this plumeria paper craft

This is the perfect craft to use up those scrap pieces of paper you’ve been holding onto since the template pieces to make the paper plumeria are small.

  • Colored craft papers
    • This tutorial uses:
      • White
      • Yellow
      • Light Pink
      • Green
    • You can choose any different colors you prefer, but common colors seen in plumeria flowers are:
      • White and yellow
      • Bright pink with salmon pink
      • Pink, yellow and salmon pink
      • White and pink
      • Lavender with yellow
    • You can use construction paper, especially for children, but I recommend heavier craft paper and cardstock paper to create gorgeous flowers that are sturdier
  • Craft glue
    • A glue stick is easy to use since the pieces won’t slide or shift
    • You can also use any paper craft glue
    • You could use a hot glue gun, but it wouldn’t be my first choice
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template for plumeria flower craft – get the Hawaiian paper flower template for free
    • You can use the printable template as many times as you’d like for your personal or classroom use.
3 paper plumeria flowers with leaves on green background

Plumeria paper craft step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Select a piece of craft paper for the large petals and a lighter shade of yellow paper for the small petals (inner layers). Select a green piece of paper for the leaves.

Trace and carefully cut out the patterns from the provided template.

The paper flower cut out pieces are small, so have a clear space to keep them or place them in envelopes.

Step 2

Attach the small petal cutouts on the large petal cutouts on the bottom end (the pointy side) with glue. The smaller petal pieces create the center of the flower. Create 5 paper petals for each flower.

Step 3

Use a thin cylindrical object (a pen or pencil works well) to curve the paper petals. Simply give the petals a nice curve along the middle line. Curve the paper up as in the image.

Step 4

Join 2 petals together side by side with glue. Overlap the petals by 1 centimeter or less.

Step 5

Join the rest of the petals similarly. Overlap each petal with the next one forming a round flower shape.

Step 6

For the last petal, if it’s under the previous one it should be over the next one (the first petal) and if it’s over the previous one it should be under the next one (the first petal).

collage of 6 images of steps to make a plumeria paper craft

Step 7

Cut out the leaf patterns from green paper and attach them to the plumeria paper flowers.

3 white and yellow and pink and yellow paper plumeria flowers with leaves on green background with title text reading Plumeria Paper Craft

Expert Tips for Flower Paper Craft Plumeria Flowers

  • Choose colors of cardstock paper to match your favorite plumeria flowers
  • You can enlarge the paper flower template to make giant flowers or paper blooms of any size, not just the small flowers the template creates
  • You can use this plumeria flower template to create other beautiful paper flowers by changing the colors and numbers of the petals
  • You can mix these beautiful flowers with other paper flower tutorials to create a paper flower craft garden
    • Tissue paper flowers
    • Flowers made from coffee filters
    • Crepe paper flowers

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Be sure to pin this charming flower paper craft so you can make these plumerias whenever you want in the future.

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